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telc Training – Professional development for teachers

Training courses for teachers, educational specialists and managers: eg. in Examination preparation (In Focus!), General language teaching, Integration, Business German, Medicine/Nursing, German for university, Communication, Organization and Leadership

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You've come to the right place!

If you teach German as a foreign or second language and are looking for ideas to make your courses communicative and engaging, telc Training has a course for you.  

Our training courses are suitable for teachers, educational specialists and managers, and will help enhance your skills whether you are at the beginning of your professional career or have many years of teaching experience under your belt.   

We offer you a wide range of opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills as a language teacher. All events conclude with a certificate and can be booked as a synchronous (live) online or on-site event. 

Our training courses are divided into different categories. 


Training for all needs

In addition to our classic seminars (5–8 units), we also offer multi-day courses (lasting two days or more).  

For those who require more flexibility, our modular courses allow you to complete a set of modules in an order and on dates that suit your needs.  

For introductions to specific topics, our short sessions are just the thing.  

All training courses are geared towards teaching language skills and preparing for exams. We also offer courses on topics such as communication, leadership and marketing as well as intercultural training. 


„Die Trainings bei telc helfen mir, die richtigen Qualifikationen rechtzeitig parat zu haben, mich mit Themen, die mich besonders interessieren, eingehender zu beschäftigen und im Austausch mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen, die ich sonst niemals treffen würde, inspiriert zu werden und die letzten Neuigkeiten zu erfahren. Es ist der Blick über den Tellerrand, der meine Freude an der Arbeit frisch hält und meinen Unterricht hoffentlich verbessert. Mein persönlicher Favorit ist übrigens das Training ‘Lesen und Hören effektiv trainieren’ – ich lerne immer noch von dem Trainingsskript.”

Gertrude Hölbling, DaF-/DaZ-Lehrerin