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telc German examinations

German examinations are our speciality

Communicate across borders in all situations – travel, fun, work and study

telc offers a wide range of language certificates from A1 to C2 to help you demonstrate language ability in any situation.  telc German examinations address different target groups at different stages of life. For children, teenagers and young adults, telc’s German range include Junior, School and University examinations catering for levels A1 to C1.  For adults the range focuses on general or vocation language skills, across all CEFR levels. Specialist examinations are available for those working in the fields of medicine and nursing.

Dual-level examinations are also available, assessing language skills at two levels of competence. 


All telc examinations focus on using language for effective communication. Connecting with people around the world, understanding others, being understood, and using your skills confidently in real-life situations is the key to success. telc helps you get there.