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Support & FAQs - teaching materials

Do you have questions about our teaching materials?

telc teaching materials are available for all important fields and levels. Our course books can be used in integration courses, vocational language courses, courses preparing for university entrance, and general language German courses. We offer printed materials and digital resources for all levels up to C1. 


At telc, you can get course books and examinations all from one source. As an examination provider, we know exactly what matters. Our course books promote communicative skills and, at the same time, prepare learners for telc language examinations. 


telc course books include strategies and tips for handling examination tasks, intermediate examinations, complete mock examinations, and sometimes even evaluated writing tasks for self-assessment. As learners repeatedly tackle examination-style tasks in the course books, they can go into their examination well prepared and without fear of the unknown. For those who want to prepare even more intensively, there are telc examination training materials available for many examinations. 


All telc course books follow a clear structure. They can be used in the classroom without much preparation effort. Planning for the examination preparation is already integrated into the materials. The teacher's manuals provide tips on lesson planning, examination preparation and additional exercises. This makes the course books perfect for both experienced and less experienced instructors. 


telc course books follow three fundamental didactical principles, being: geared towards adults, learner-oriented and action-oriented. This means that the learners' experience and background are considered valuable resources. Learners are given the opportunity to relate the content to their own reality and apply their newly acquired knowledge in various communicative situations from the very beginning. 


All telc course books include diverse strategies for differentiation. They are designed to be used in the classroom with both weaker and stronger learners. Teacher's guides, intensive and grammar training materials, as well as free downloads on our website, provide additional optional practice opportunities for learners with different levels of proficiency. 


We offer digital teaching companions, e-books, BlinkLearning editions, online training, apps and additional downloadable materials in our programme. 


Featurestelc e-Bookdigital teaching companionBlinkLearning
Virtual representation of the print version vvv
Playable audios vvv
Digital exercises  vv
Learning videos (v)(v)(v)
Note-taking function vvv
Stopwatch vv 
Additional templates  v 
Tips for teachers  v 
Assignment of tasks   v
Learning progress tracking   v
Also available as an app   v
Usable online and offline vvv


There are corresponding additional materials available for all telc course books. We offer teacher's guides, intensive training materials, grammar and writing training materials. You will find a wide range of free templates, additional exercises and vocabulary lists in multiple languages in our download section. We also provide digital teaching companions and e-books for online or hybrid classrooms. 


Our course books can be purchased in any bookstore, as well as in our webshop. Our teaching companions and e-books are only available in our webshop, under digital products. The BlinkLearning editions can only be purchased in the BlinkLearning shop.  


Pronunciation can be trained more effectively with a separate chapter than with phonetic exercises within the module, which are often skipped. The chapter can be used whenever needed. 


Teachers and learners have access to all audio files for free via the download section or the telc Deutsch Box app. This way, you can use the files anywhere and at any time, even without a CD player. Using digital files is also good for the environment and for your wallet as we can offer the course books at an even more affordable price.