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General and work-related language placement tests

With the telc placement tests, companies, language course providers, and universities can determine the language level of their employees or course participants. Find the suitable offer for your needs. 

General placement test

With telc placement tests, you can determine the language level of your employees and applicants. Language schools and universities benefit from the placement test as a basis for assembling the optimal learning groups for language course participants or students.


Advantages of the TOP Test:

  • available in German and English
  • covers CEFR levels A1 to C1
  • tests listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary (optional writing and speaking)
  • results available immediately 
  • can be taken anywhere in the world
  • personal consultation available 

Professional language placement test for German

With the Kompetenzcheck Deutsch Beruf you can effectively evaluate participants in vocational and business language courses. 

In addition to assessing language skills, the Kompetenzcheck Deutsch Beruf includes a questionnaire to collect information about your participants' learning history and goals, their professional experience and their plans for further professional development. 


Advantages of the Kompetenzcheck Deutsch Beruf:

  • specially tailored to vocational language course formats 
  • tests German language skills at CEFR levels A1 to C1
  • contains tasks for writing, language modules and speaking 
  • clear explanation of results  
  • participant questionnaire and learning biography included 
  • two different versions to choose from