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Teaching German C1 University courses

Want to prepare prospective students for university in Germany and also optimize your C1 teaching?

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Your role as teacher

International students who want to study at a German university need more than efficient language preparation. They also face many practical challenges related to campus life – from finding a suitable course to the admissions process and understanding customs and traditions at a German university. 

Supporting these young people in starting and successfully completing their studies in Germany requires up-to-date information on topics relevant to academic studies, in addition to specialist knowledge of German as a second /foreign language and teaching knowhow at the higher CEFR levels.  

In our telc training courses, you will learn how to prepare international students for the linguistic and practical demands associated with being a student at a German university. With our help, you can successfully prepare your learners for the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule examination. 

Our training courses for university preparation

In our language-focused training courses, you will get to know the optimal approaches, methods and materials for teaching higher-level German courses. Topics covered include: 

  • Grammar teaching at C1 level 

  • Vocabulary and writing training 

  • Preparation of teaching materials 

  • Features of scientific language  

  • Exam preparation of DaF/DaZ for university 

Our practical training courses provide information on studying at German colleges and universities, which is especially important for international students. This useful knowledge helps them quickly get settled into German university life. 

Topics include: 

  • Finding and applying for a place at university  

  • Admission and entrance examination 

  • Enrollment and cancellation of enrollment  

  • Different courses of study (e.g. teacher training programmes, bachelor's and master's degrees) 

  • Types of courses (introductory seminars, lectures, etc.) 

  • Communication with university staff 

  • Working part-time as a student 

  • Education in Germany (education system and policy) 

  • Studying in different federal states