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telc Campus

Our learning platform contains all our self-study modules for teachers and learners

telc Campus offers you a wide range of training opportunities allowing you to expand your knowledge of language teaching and learning. Self-study modules, which accompany our face-to-face and synchronous (live) online courses, are also located there.


Campus for teachers

Register on our telc Campus webpage and discover our platform for self-directed learning! 

After booking your training course or seminar in the training portal, you can access the online qualifications and, if relevant to the course, the materials to be downloaded, online study modules and online tests. 


In the course forum, you can connect with other teachers taking the qualification, as well as with your course trainers and presenters. 

There are several courses requiring the completion of assignments or an online test as part of certification. In these cases, Campus will be used. You can easily upload your completed assignments for evaluation and will receive feedback here as well. 


For the rater and examiner qualifications, you can access the free preparation modules directly in Campus ("Introduction for examiners" section) or refresh your licenses online ("Qualifications" section). More information about the requirements for participation in these courses can be found here.

Campus for learners

Learners will find self-study modules on the technical language of medicine and nursing in telc Campus. Self-study courses for learning English are also available there. 


We have standardised logins across all telc systems, which means you use the same details to access telc Campus, telc Training and telc Community. 

Further information on the terms of use can be found here.

Do you have any questions about telc Campus? Just send us an email. We're here to help!