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In Focus!

Examination preparation from A1 to C2

Our focus topic in the training programme for teachers is exam preparation. In our training courses you will learn how to lead your students to examination success.

In focus

More than just mock examinations

Excellent examination preparation is not just about working through as many mock examinations as possible. It is essential that your learners truly understand what skills they will need to excel. 


What is included in Examination Skills?

  • understanding the different examination tasks 

  • developing and practising examination strategies 

  • continuously building up language skills 

  • finding your own style in writing and speaking 

Prepare your test takers for success

Learn how to teach effective examination strategies in our “In Focus” training course "Examination preparation from A1 to C2". You will also learn about assessment criteria, expand your repertoire of methods, and receive practical teaching tips.


Our training offer: sprints, seminars, courses with certification

One-day seminars provide you with an introduction to the topic. You acquire knowledge and receive new methodical impulses.


Our multi-day course with certification offers you in-depth knowledge for exam preparation at levels A1-B1 with a high level of practical relevance.


Do you prepare your participants for telc exams at other levels, English or French exams? - If so, we recommend our Sprints, which provide a condensed overview of the preparation for these exams.


Successfully prepare your learners for examinations at all levels

Are you preparing test takers for telc examinations at other levels or in other languages? If so, try our relevant short sessions which offer suggestions on how to prepare for these.