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Online qualifications

Flexibility and convenience with telc

Gaining a qualification online is a popular alternative to face-to-face events. telc’s range of self-study examiner and rater qualification modules can be found in telc Campus. telc examiners can take advantage of this convenient mode of qualification.

Independent online

Do you have a lot of experience? Do you have the confidence to act as an examiner or rater?

Use our online preparation modules on telc Campus to refresh your skills. Then book the corresponding online qualification for re-licensing.

The advantages for you?

You can complete all online qualifications at a location of your choice.

There are no fixed dates - you can book at any time.

Save time and travel costs.

Receive your results immediately after the qualification.

Requirements for online qualifications

To complete an online qualification course, you must meet the requirements of: 

  • You already have the licence you want to obtain again.

  • This licence is still valid.

Content and duration of online qualifications

Once you have received your enrolment key, you can log in to the module in telc Campus.  


The online qualification consists of two parts: 

  • Preparation modules: This section prepares you for your role as examiner or rater. These modules are free of charge and can be completed by examiners, raters and teachers at any time. 

  • Licensing module: This section tests your knowledge to ensure you have the skills required to hold a licence. You pay a fee to access this module.  

Both sections contain videos or writing samples that demonstrate exam performances and how they are assessed. To complete the module, you will independently assess a sample examination (oral or written).  

The online licensing module takes 90 minutes. 

Terms and validity of the licence

telc licences are valid for three years. The expiry date is therefore three years after the successful completion of the respective qualification. You can also find the expiry date in your personal licence overview in the telc Community.

You can find out which license is required for taking and marking examinations in the General Guidelines for Conducting telc Examinations.