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Develop your skills with a telc examiner licence

Interested in becoming a telc oral examiner?

Experienced course instructors can qualify as examiners and conduct examinations worldwide. Their clients are licensed telc examination centres.

Obtaining a license

 The initial examiner qualification takes place either on site or as a synchronous LIVE online event. This training is aimed at those who do not yet hold a telc licence.  

You can find upcoming training dates in the training portal

Participation requirements and pricing can be found in the relevant course description on the Training Portal - for both classroom and online qualifications.

Language trainers who currently hold a valid examiner licence can obtain additional licences by completing our self-study training modules in telc Campus. Requirements for participation and prices for both live and online qualifications can be found in the course descriptions. 

Face-to-face qualification

Face to face means that you qualify on-site or LIVE online in communication with others. You activate and expand your previous knowledge in the online preparation module on telc Campus. On the day of the qualification, you will be ready for discussion and calibration. You will learn how to correctly assess examination performances, think about your role and familiarise yourself with the procedure. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a telc examiner or rater licence valid for three years. You can renew your licence at any time by completing a face-to-face qualification.

Online qualification

Online means that you can study independently, any time and anywhere, and take an online test to obtain your licence. Take the free preparation module on telc Campus to refresh your knowledge. You can then book the licensing module via our training portal.

Prerequisite for online licensing: You must have already obtained the licence you wish to obtain, either on-site or in a live online event, and the licence must be still valid. Click here for more information on online qualifications.