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Alternative Examiner qualification for doctors – German for medical purposes

In this qualification, you will learn to recognise proficient language use with all its complexities and challenges and how to objectively assess it in the oral examination.

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Your tasks as an examiner:

Distinguishing between B2 and C1 levels poses special challenges for examiners: focusing on the test takers’ linguistic repertoire, assessing the content of their performance in work-related assessment tasks and assigning the correct levels. 


As a licensed telc examiner, you will assess the test takers’ oral performances confidently, objectively and at the appropriate level. 

Which examinations can I examine with the Deutsch Medizin für prüfende Ärzte licence?

With this examiner licence, you are authorised to administer the following telc examinations: 

  • telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung

Requirements for obtaining the telc examiner licence Deutsch Medizin für prüfende Ärzte:

You must be a physician with 

• a medical education or at least three years of professional experience and approval in a German-speaking country 

• German proficiency at C2 level 

• familiarity with the formats of the telc examination Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung 

• knowledge of telc examination regulations. 

Qualification programme

Examiner qualification Deutsch Medizin für prüfende Ärzte:  

Self-learning module In person LIVE Online
                                              -         X                X


The qualification process

During the qualification seminar, you will assess sample performances and discuss them with other examiners. You will learn to apply the marking criteria consistently and reflect on your role as examiner. 

At the end, you will complete a licensing task in which you will evaluate one to two examination situations. If you successfully complete this task and fulfil all participation requirements, you will receive a telc examiner licence Deutsch Medizin für prüfende Ärzte. 

Licence Validity

To examine telc examinations, you need a valid telc examiner licence. Each licence is valid for three years.  


To ensure quality and consistency of examination assessment, regular training of examiners is essential. With each successful qualification, you receive confirmation from telc that you are competent in your examiner role and are a valuable member of our community.