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telc International

telc - Your International Education Partner for the Promotion and Assessment of Language Competences

telc stands for ‘The European Language Certificates’. Founded in Germany, telc is now an international provider of language certificates in more than 30 countries. telc addresses both licensing partners who are interested in internationalization activities and, increasingly, international educational institutions outside Europe.

For educational institutions in partner countries, telc offers a wide range of services for general language and vocational language teaching, as well as for exam preparation and conduction:

Further information on the tiles can be found on this page.

Currently, applications for new venues with special authorization ie. external telc venues (Außenstellen) are still suspended. There are no inspections outside the EU due to Covid 19. We will inform you about news at this point and ask you to refrain from enquiries in the meantime.

What are external telc venues?

External examinations outside the EU are carried out in external telc venues under the responsibility of an experienced telc examination centre, ideally from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The application to become an external telc venue is therefore made exclusively through this telc licence partner.

Examinations in external telc venues are only conducted digitally.

For information on the selection and approval of telc licence partners to conduct examinations in external telc venues and on the application process, please see the information sheet on external telc venues.
More detailed information on technical and spatial requirements can be found in the checklist for telc licence partners.

Digital exam

telc has recently started offering the following digital examinations in non-European countries:

  • telc German B1 digital,
  • telc German B2 digital and
  • telc Deutsch Pflege B1/B2 digital.

The written and oral examinations are taken on computer under supervision at an external telc venue. The oral examination takes place via video conferencing software. The examiners are connected from the countries of origin of the licence partners.

Guidelines telc digital examinations

Mock Test for B2

Mock Test for B1

Mock Test B1/B2 Nursing

Please note that digital examinations may currently only be offered outside the EU incl. EFTA in inspected external telc venues.

Country overview

telc currently offers examinations at external telc venues in the following countries:


  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • Morocco
  • Mauritius
  • Mexico
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam


Would you like to take an examination at one of our external telc venues, or are you interested in becoming an external telc venue? In the country overview you will find license partners that are authorized conducting examinations at external telc venues.


Cooperation initiation

Are you a telc licence partner, ideally from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, do you meet the selection criteria and are you interested in conducting examinations in external telc venues?


You are an educational institution outside Europe, meet the spatial and technical requirements and would like to make your premises available for telc examinations?

telc would be happy to inform you about the next steps and, if necessary, arrange cooperation partnerships. Please contact telc Licensing for further information.

Whether you are a course provider, teacher, course participant or self-learner – telc provides the right training material incl. textbooks, further education, and language certificates for German lessons - from levels A1 to C2.

telc offer for levels B1 and B2

The professional integration of skilled workers in Germany is one of the central concerns of the non-profit organisation telc GmbH. The German programme includes both general language and vocational language support. telc offers teaching material specifically for levels B1 and B2.

telc Webshop

telc hand book Deutsch B2

E-Book Grammatiktraining B2 - Sample Chapter

E-Book Schreibtraining

German for the job

telc's overall programme German for the Professions includes various competence assessments, job-related language examinations, a publishing programme as well as a comprehensive qualification programme for course instructors.

Writing like a pro - telc Deutsch A2-C1 Beruf

Talking lika a pro - telc Deutsch A2-C1 Beruf

German for Nursing and medical professions

Medical professions require linguistic accuracy and communication competence that exceeds the requirements of most other professions. For this reason, telc offers examinations that verify general and specialist language competence of nurses and physicians.

Textbooks, additional materials, learning materials for exam preparation and practice tests are available for all telc exams.

telc Deutsch B1·B2 Pflege

telc Deutsch B2 Medizin Zugangsprüfung

telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin

telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung

telc Deutsch C1

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule tests university-related German language skills at a highly advanced level.
The examination is aimed at adults who would like to study at a German speaking university, who are already studying or who work in an academic profession and would like to prove their German language skills. For professional purposes, telc Deutsch C1 Beruf is also suitable.

Further information incl. practice material

Examination training

telc Deutsch C1 Beruf

Sales partner in Southeast Asia - Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia

Piefke Trading | Manila


Interview with Angelo Siegel, Managing Director of Piefke Trading in the telc newsletter.

Read Interview



International Sales Partners

If you are interested in telc textbooks, please contact our sales representatives.



telc offers online further education and training for language teachers, lecturers and staff in educational institutions under the label telc Training.

For lecturers and teachers telc provides courses, workshops, and seminars online.

telc Programme for Language Instructors

The following certificate courses are recommended for teaching professionals in their countries of origin.


telc symposia Teaching German as a Foreign Language


Would you like to get a taste of telc free of charge?

Then register for the telc symposia on Teaching German as a Foreign Language (telc DaF/DaZ Fachtag). This event offers new impulses in the areas of linguistics, media, second language acquisition and interculturality.

telc Symposia

Free online seminars and events for German instructors

Our online seminars give you tips for your lessons and inform you about current telc offers. It's easy to take part: all you need is a laptop or tablet with speakers or headphones and a stable internet connection.

Free online seminars

Our DaF/DaZ Fachtage for German instructors offer new impulses in the areas of linguistics, media, second language acquisition and interculturality.

DaF/DaZ Fachtage

During the training course on examination compliance, telc staff will explain to you first-hand what needs to be taken into account when organising and conducting examinations.

Training Course Prüfungssicherheit

Driving innovation in the field of language teaching

The non-profit telc GmbH cooperates with a broad network of institutions:

National authorities (examples)

  • Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
  • German Foreign Office or the German missions abroad
  • Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual)
  • Ministry of Education of Turkey
  • Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF)

2500 examination centres worldwide

Licence partners in almost 30 countries

The non-profit telc GmbH is happy to contribute its expertise in the field of test development and the implementation of international educational projects. Get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Pilot projects

Being a non-profit, international education provider with a large team in test development, telc is interested in driving innovation in the field of language competence teaching. telc therefore increasingly considers the views of international customers and the latest scientific findings in the further development of products and services.

In the digital field in particular, user orientation plays a decisive role in acceptance, which is why feedback rounds have been organized over the past 18 months and digital products have been tested with and by customers.

Test development - how it works


Pilot project Philippines – Teaching German to Filipino nurses

The special circumstances in the Philippines enabled telc to pilot new products and services with local partners.

Thanks to the openness and expertise of our pilot partners, telc further improved

telc Philippines Website

Exam centres in the Philippines

telc examinations

When and where do language examinations take place?

For dates, please contact the respective examination centre in your area. You can find the list on the telc website.

For which languages are telc examinations offered?
With over 100 examination formats, telc offers examinations in ten languages: German, English French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

Information on telc examinations including a free practice test can be found on this page.
How can I prepare for a telc examination?

Telc offers both free and paid materials for various languages that make the exam format transparent and prepare you specifically for the exam - from practice tests to handbooks.

Does telc also offer courses for exam preparation?

Yes, we support you with telc Live Online Exam Training for telc German exams. Here you can practise everything you need for the telc exam. With a teacher, in a small group and in a virtual course room.

Online Training B2·C1 Medizin

Live-Online-Prüfungstraining telc Deutsch B1

Live-Online-Prüfungstraining telc Deutsch B2

Live-Online-Prüfungstraining telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule

Does telc offer digital examinations?
Yes. telc has recently started offering the following digital examinations in non-European countries:
  • telc Deutsch B1 digital,
  • telc German B2 digital and
  • telc Deutsch Pflege B1/B2 digital.
The written and oral examinations are taken on the computer under supervision at the examination centre's premises.

Recognition of telc examinations

Are telc German certificates recognised by German authorities and offices?

Yes, telc examinations are recognised by German authorities and offices. They are listed in the visa handbook of the German Foreign Office (Visumshandbuch des Auswärtigen Amts).

Are telc certificates also recognised in other countries?
telc certificates are recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and can therefore be presented to British authorities.
Is telc is an ALTE partner?
Yes. telc examinations are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and are recognised by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).

telc Licence

Can I obtain a telc licence as an educational institution outside the EU?
No. Educational institutions outside the EU incl. EFTA are not granted an institutional licence (apart from Great Britain, Turkey and the Philippines as well as higher education institutions). telc offers them the possibility of taking examinations in external telc venues (see tab external telc venues).
Are overseas inspections taking place again?
Currently, new applications are still suspended. There are no inspections in non-European countries due to Covid 19. We will inform you here about any news and kindly ask you to refrain from enquiries in the meantime.

Digital exam

Does the examination take place from home (so-called remote proctoring)?
No. Like the paper exams, the digital exams take place under supervision in examination centres. These examination centres have been inspected by us on site (before the pandemic). As a rule, these are places where our experienced licence partners regularly test.
Remote proctoring is also not planned.
How secure is the testing software?
We use a very stable and secure examination software. Among other things, this software has a secure browser technology that prevents another programme from being opened on the computer used during the examination.

Can content be freely selected and thus manipulated?
There is a clear role and authorisation concept that does not allow the invigilators and other responsible persons on site to view or even manipulate the examination results.  Content and time are predetermined technically.

Isn't the analogue examination easier than the digital one?
As with the analogue telc examination, good preparation is crucial. For this purpose, mock tests are provided to prepare for the digital format. In terms of content, the analogue and digital exams are completely identical.

What about data security?
Data security is guaranteed and only servers located in the EU are used for data storage.

Do examiners need a licence to conduct oral examinations in digital format?
Yes, there is an exercise in telc Campus which you must have completed.

Who at telc is the contact person for the digital examination?
Permission to conduct digital examinations is granted by telc. If you are interested, please contact the licensing team.
For technical questions please contact Test Development,
for administrative and organisational questions concerning the implementation and the transmission of results please contact telc Customer Service

Responsibility for examinations (external telc venue)

Who is responsible for the digital examination?
The examination responsibility always lies with the responsible licence partner, who supervises the coordination and implementation of the exam in the external telc venue.
Why can only examiners from the country of origin of the licence partner be used?

We only use examiners from the licensing partner's country of origin for two reasons:

  • They are experienced, i.e. they can demonstrate sufficient examinations in quantitative terms. Due to the pandemic situation, examiners from abroad cannot show enough examinations in the last 18 months.
  • In addition, digital examinations give us the flexibility to conduct unannounced examination audits, which leads to increased examination security.

Hardware, software and internet connection (external telc venue)

May only exams in external telc venues be carried out digitally?
All exams in external telc venues may only be conducted fully digitally / under no circumstances in presence. The oral examination may only be conducted by experienced examiners from the countries of origin of the licence partners.
May participants bring their own devices?
No, bring your own device (BYOD) is not allowed.
Is it possible to bring one's own devices from Germany?
Yes, but this regulation only applies to the premises of existing, already inspected field offices. In the case of applications for new external telc venues, new IT infrastructure inspected.
Are technical requirements of the premises also inspected?
The hardware and a stable internet connection will also be inspected. This is a new requirement for external telc venues.
Is there a requirement for the number of computer workstations?
No, there is no minimum number.
How do I manage administration offline?

According to the implementation guidelines, the examinations are or can be downloaded before the examination so that they can be administered offline if, for example, there are problems with the Internet.

In such cases, should the Secure Client not be closed until an internet connection is re-established so that the results can also be uploaded?

No. But the results will only be determined after Secure Client with Internet connection starts again.

Is a German keyboard necessary?

Exam preparation and registration in the telc Community and Surpass (external telc venue)

Is the examination registration the same for the paper-based and digital examinations?
Registration will continue to take place in the telc Community. As usual, you will then receive an email confirmation with the order number.

Examinations without an order number will not be processed.
How do the examination administrators receive the examination papers A30 and A50, and how are they sent to telc?
The documents can be downloaded in Surpass. They are filled out after the examination and uploaded again in Surpass.
Is the time zone entered in Surpass?
We advise against entering a time zone.

Examination administration and transmission (external telc venue)

The processing of the individual skills is time-limited in the paper-based format. Is this also the case with the digital exam?
Yes. The time limit is identical for the analogue and digital examination. In the case of digital, the time is exactly technically specified.
Are paired examinations still possible?


When can the results be expected after the digital examinations?
After all relevant documents have been handed in and after the results of the oral examination have been entered in Surpass by the examiners within three weeks.

Partial examinations (external telc venue)

Are partial examinations also possible with digital examinations, and are passed partial examinations from the face-to-face examinations recognised?
Yes, it is therefore important to enter the correct order number in Surpass under "Candidate Reference". Otherwise the partial examination cannot be assigned.
Until when is a passed partial examination valid?
The validity of partial examinations is regulated in the current General Terms and Conditions.
Can participants of a classic paper examination have passed parts recognised and repeat the written or oral part digitally?
Recognition is possible, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, analogous to paper and pencil examinations. No changes are necessary here.

Mock test (external telc venue)

Can you repeat the audios in the exam?
In the real exam, the audio file does not start automatically, but is started by the examinee. It can technically only be played once. This task is also time-limited.
How can I adjust the display of the PDFs in a way that the tasks stay visible?

In the examination sections Reading Comprehension, Language Elements and Writing, the texts are displayed in PDF format.

If the display of the PDF in the new window it not accurate, the screen/or at least resolution is too small/low. Please note the following: "The device screen resolution must be 1920 x 1080p in order for the PDF to dock as shown in the image."

Is it possible to bring one's own devices from Germany?
Yes, but this regulation only applies to the premises of existing, already inspected telc venues. In the case of applications for new external telc venues, new IT infrastructure inspected.

Marketing (external telc venue)

Are telc venues allowed to advertise examination dates?
Examination dates may be advertised by the telc venue to attract external examination candidates. It must be clearly recognizable that the examination will be conducted by the licensed partner and not by the telc venue. The licence partner is obliged to inform the telc venue of this and to ensure that it is implemented.

The examination officer of the licensee informs the employees of the telc venue that only the telc licensee appears in public as the organisation conducting the examination.

Is the telc venue allowed to use the telc logo in the application?
No. Only the licensed examination centre is allowed to use the telc logo.
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