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Conducting an exam

Tips for conducting an exam 

As an experienced telc licensed partner you are already familiar with our Examination Regulations and with the Guidelines for conducting a written and oral examination. In real-life situations there are often further questions.  Here are answers to those most frequently asked.

How can I guarantee fairness?

If you are supervising an exam, then you have a big responsibility.  You ensure that the conditions for all candidates are equal and so make sure that all the candidates have the same chance.

  • You constantly observe the candidates. You do not do any other work or read during the exam.
  • You organise maximum distance between the candidates (at least 1.5 m around the chair, considerably more space is preferable.) The crucial point is that the exam documents cannot be seen by anyone.

How do I deal with mobile phones during the test? 
The use of mobile phones during the test is prohibited. Therefore, when the candidates first enter the examination room, request that they turn off their mobile phones and, if appropriate, hand them in to you for the duration of the test.

How do I react if someone tries to cheat?

If you notice someone cheating, please react immediately and expel/disqualify the involved parties from the exam. This is also valid for candidates who allow their work to be copied. Explain to the candidates that you are bound to act in this way according to § 16 of the examination regulations. Note down the attempt to cheat in your report and confiscate any prohibited aids. The involved parties should leave the building immediately. With this course of action you protect the honest candidates from being suspected of cheating and you ensure that your examination centre enjoys an excellent reputation.

Why should I always have my mobile phone with me in the exam?

It is always possible that something unexpected happens. For instance, you may have to leave the room or a candidate is taken ill suddenly. If you have your mobile phone and the office telephone number of the person responsible for the exam, you can quickly obtain help without having to break off the exam. Naturally the ringing tone has to be turned off.

May candidates go to the toilet during the exam?

Yes. However, this always causes a certain amount of unrest in the group. We recommend that you provide an opportunity for the candidates to go to the toilet after they have filled in their personal data on the answer sheet S30. Make sure that only one candidate leaves the room at a time and that they do not have their mobile phone with them.

What help is allowed?

You may only assist with questions about handling the exam documentation, e.g. when a candidate cannot find the tasks or is not able to enter their personal data without help. After the exam booklet has been opened and the actual exam has begun there should be no need to answer any questions. It is therefore recommended that the candidates have taken a mock examination under exam conditions so that they know what to expect in the exam. This point about taking a mock examination should be specially emphasised elsewhere – see new point under Mock Exams in “Übungsmaterial”.

When should the task booklets be collected at the end of the exam?

The task booklets are strictly confidential and not available for publication.
Make absolutely sure that nobody takes their task booklet with them or copies it in any way. Any kind of copy or any usage outside the examination will lead to criminal prosecution.

Thank you for your support and co-operation in ensuring that the high quality of telc examinations is maintained.