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Collaboration with telc

As an international education provider, we enjoy rewarding and successful relationships with numerous top-ranking partners. In addition to the telc examination centres and partner schools, we collaborate with government departments, universities, businesses and other educational institutions.

Our strengths

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

telc tests are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which describes language proficiency at six levels and outlines what learners can understand and express at each level. The use of the CEFR guarantees objective, standardised and high-quality language skills assessment.

Ten languages from a single provider

telc offers over 80 tests in ten languages. No matter what the purpose, be it naturalisation, vocational training or access to higher education: telc - language tests are widely recognised by companies, government agencies and universities, throughout Europe.

Highest quality in test development

As a member of the Association for Language Testers in Europe (ALTE), our language certificates guarantee the highest quality according to the latest scientific standards. telc bases its tests on the quality standards of the ALTE, whose main concern is the quality of language testing. All telc examinations – during every phase of their development – are geared to these quality standards and are continuously evaluated.

Training courses

We offer more than language certificates: telc training specialises in training courses for teachers and staff working in language education. Courses, workshops and seminars are also offered in-house and are customised for your institution.

Your benefits

Ministries, Departments and Offices

• telc certificates are a reliable proof of language proficiency when it comes to residence permits and citizenship.

• We are proud to support political objectives of language development. Our not-for-profit status allows us to develop tests for what are known as minority languages.

• telc expertise is in high demand in schools, in the form of teacher training and creation of standardized exams. We offer customised solutions at a school-friendly price.

• The diversity of telc - language tests makes it possible to use them in various support programmes: not only to motivate the participants, but also as a way documenting justified use of funds.


• telc tests are a valid tool for university admission. We offer certificates for German and for scientific English.

• telc – language test are not only used in the transition management from school or apprenticeships to colleges, our school entrance examination also combines German, Mathematics and English as a comprehensive documentation of key skills for university studies.

• telc Training is committed to the training and qualification of academic staff.

• The support of scientific projects in the field of testing and multilingualism is one of telc’s fundamental objectives. We support suitable research projects with our expertise and provide appropriate data for research purposes.


• telc tests formulate clear objectives for staff training.

• Standardized certificates deliver key figures that document the success of language learning measures.

• Precise documentation of language competence makes it possible to direct that competence towards communicative situations at work.

• Language certificates help create competency profiles and thus ensure targeted personnel acquisition and development.

What can we do for you?

• We find pragmatic solutions for your testing needs.

• Expertise in testing and examining is hard to find. Consult us for advise.

• As an external provider of continuous education, we give a new impetus, and can offer customised in-house training.

• We regularly apply for tenders together with our partners. Feel free to contact us if you are planning such a project.

We would be happy to support your institution with our existing range or customised solutions - use our expertise and get in touch with us.