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Multilingual for the Future – Get off to a flying start with the telc School Programme

Are you planning to spend time abroad? Do you dream of an international career? Or do you simply want to improve your job application portfolio? Whatever your goals, a telc certificate prepares you well.

What’s the difference between school exams and exams for adults?

telc school exams and exams for adults are of equal value. The only difference is in the themes. In school exams, you’ll find topics that are important and interesting for you and people of your age – for example free time activities, friends, time abroad and jobs. Our tests are always based on practical situations and don’t require you to answer dry questions. Instead, they prove your ability to use the language in everyday situations.

What advantages does a telc certificate give you?

Better career opportunities

Foreign language skills have become indispensable in modern working environments. With a telc certificate, you can show how good your language abilities are. Moreover, you show your enthusiasm, ambition and interest – clear points in your favour when applying for a job.

International comparability

School marking systems are not always comparable from country to country. When you apply for an internship or work placement in a foreign country, it is best to document your foreign language skills according to an internationally recognised rating system. Our exams are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is the standard rating system for all European languages.

Which telc school exam is the right one for you?

Are you learning English, French or Spanish at school or privately?

Then you can supplement your regular school report or school-leaving certificate with the telc English School, telc Français Ecole or telc Español Escuela language certificates.

Have you grown up bilingually, speaking both German and Turkish?

Then you should make the most of it! With the telc Türkçe Okul exam, you can prove how good your Turkish is. 

Would you like to have your German language abilities certified?

Then you can take the Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche / telc Deutsch B1 Schule exam. This exam is especially important if you speak a language other than German in your family. This exam is also offered in schools outside of Germany. 

What other language certificates can you study for?

Once you are 16, you can also take any of the telc adult examinations. These offer a greater variety of languages and levels.

You’ll find information on the individual school examinations under language examinations.