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Fit for the Exam

Even when you have reached the necessary CEFR level, you will want to know what exactly is expected from you in the exam. telc provides material in various forms to familiarise candidates with the exam format and to prepare them specifically for the exam.

Material to familiarise learners with the exam structure

Mock examinations give information about the test structure, the rating criteria, the marks needed to pass and the exam procedure. A complete test shows you exactly what the exam will be like and gives you the opportunity to try it out with your course participants. You can download matching mock examinations in every language examination.

Tips for test takers

The Tips for Test Takers are geared towards teachers and exam candidates. The different types of tasks are explained so that students can better understand what is being asked of them and how each task is tackled best. The tips also contain examples of written performances and how they were rated. This demonstrates effectively what is expected in the part Writing and how the marking criteria are applied. The Tips for Test Takers can be downloaded free of charge or ordered online in printed form.




The telc handbooks offer comprehensive information about the test format in question. Here you learn about target groups, the connection to the CEFR and other works of reference, as well as about the test specifications and the linguistic domains and scenarios typically used in the examination; some handbooks also contain vocabulary lists. All handbooks can be downloaded free of charge or ordered online in printed form.




Phrase boxes

The phrase boxes contain cards with phrases that prepare candidates for the kind of dialogues required in the oral exam.

Phrase box telc English A2-B1

Phrase box telc Deutsch A2-B1

Phrase box telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege

Phrase box telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin

Online Training and coaching

Online Training und Coaching B2·C1 Medizin