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Quality Assurance

Quality throughout

Assuring the quality of an examination throughout the assessment process is a top telc priority. Every team plays an integral part in maintaining telc's high quality standards.

Validity and reliability

The test development team ensures that all examinations are both valid and reliable.

• An examination is considered valid if it tests exactly what it set out to test: language competence in various domains, including the in private and public domain as well as language use at work and at school or university.

• An examination is reliable when candidates with comparable language abilities achieve similar test results. Personal factors such as gender, religion, nationality and ethnic background should have no influence on the outcome of an examination.


• telc ensures that examination regulations and administrative procedures are upheld in all examinations. This safeguards objectivity when the exams are administered.

• Automated scoring of the candidates' answers in the listening and reading subtests guarantees complete neutrality.

• telc examiners and raters attend workshops regularly to assure that candidates' oral and written performance are rated consistently and objectively, according to telc's rating criteria.

• The telc rating criteria, as well as their consistent application, are regularly evaluated during benchmarking, standard-setting and calibration sessions.

External quality control

telc has been a regular member of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) since 1995. The ALTE standards of excellence are applied to every telc examination. Throughout exam development, every test phase is calibrated and monitored according to these demanding criteria.

Besides, as of October 2018, a total of 15 telc examinations are approved and regulated by the English Qualifications and Examinations Office (Ofqual). The non-profit telc GmbH is one of the few awarding organisations from outside the UK to make it into this exclusive group – and amongst these the only one to offer language examinations.

What is ALTE?

ALTE is an association of language test providers from more than 20 European countries, including Cambridge ESOL, the universities of Salamanca and Perugia, the Centre international d'études pédagogiques and the Goethe Institute.

What does ALTE do?

ALTE's principal task is to maintain high language test standards. For this purpose, ALTE has developed a comprehensive system of criteria for quality management to be implemented by test providers. According to ALTE standards, each of the following phases of examination administration is of equal importance:

• Test construction

• Administration and logistics

• Marking and grading

• Test analysis

• Communication with stakeholders

Through regular evaluations, ALTE representatives confirm the quality of examinations provided by their members.