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Digital Skills for Language Teaching

Target Group

  • Qualified language teachers who have some experience in online teaching and wish to further their skills in the design and delivery of online lessons.
  • Teachers who want to expand their face-to-face classes to include online components.
  • Teachers who want to develop their digital skills at B1 level and higher as laid out in the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu).


  • You will need a PC or laptop with a camera
  • A USB headset (recommended)
  • A secure internet connection

Learning objectives

Teaching online involves a lot more than just getting to grips with video conferencing software. Anyone who’s tried it knows that classroom and online instruction are not the same. Numerous studies show that teaching online requires a different pedagogy and set of skills than those used in the traditional classroom.

New challenges include designing materials and assignments suitable for online learning, redefining performance expectations, managing student interactions, dealing with new methods of communication, and changing assessment techniques. This hands-on course allows you to explore these topics through discussion and practice. As a group, we assess our needs, explore options, test ideas and tools, share and discuss our experiences, and plan activities for future use. Preparation and follow-up tasks for each module help you to adapt new concepts and tools to your own teaching context.

The goal is to explore the ins and outs of teaching online, by learning online. You experience first hand the concepts and best practice models you’ll later implement in your own online classroom.

Course Completion and Certification

To successfully complete the course, you are required to actively participate in online activities and design and present a short teaching plan using digital tools of your choice.

Course outline

Module 1: Preparing to teach

  • Features of online learning
  • Lesson planning
  • Communicating with students

Module 2: Teaching live

  • Finding and sharing materials
  • Communication and collaboration Tools
  • Delivering lessons with digital tools

Module 3: Continuity and Progress

  • Keeping students engaged
  • Supporting learners online
  • Personalisation and differentiation

Module 4: Collaboration and Creation

  • Collaborative projects online
  • Giving teacher and peer feedback

Module 5: Reflection and Assessment

  • Presentation and assessment of participants’ teaching materials
  • Reflection on progress

More information on the certification course (PDF S. 13)

Course dates and locations

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