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telc examiner and rater licences

Every examination centre can offer examinations locally where the language is taught and can choose its preferred dates for the examinations. This is made possible by our vast network of telc examiners and raters. We offer both training courses and refresher courses to competent and experienced teachers for:

Examiners for the oral exams

Examiners evaluate the oral performance of the candidates. We organise training courses in various languages for CEFR levels A1 to C2 to match with our exams. Using videos of actual exams (you will find examples here), examiner training participants discuss candidates’ performances and rate them according to the telc criteria. The examiners’ behaviour is also analysed. The training course ends with a final test. Successful participants receive an examiner licence, which is valid for three years.

Raters for the writing task

Participants of a rater training learn how to correctly apply the telc marking criteria for candidates’ writing performances. Here, too, performance is rated according to the CEFR standards. Training courses focus on discussing and rating candidates’ writing performances.

In order to participate, trainers must possess a valid examiner licence in the relevant language.

The training course ends with a final test. Successful participants receive a rater licence, which is valid for three years.

Online qualification courses

After obtaining a licence in a face-to-face qualification training (on-site or in a virtual classroom), examiners can acquire additional licences and refresh existing licences online.

Each online training consist of two parts:

  • a free training module that can be accessed at any time by all examiners and any registered trainer
  • a licensing module that includes the required test for a fee

Please note that for the licensing module:

  • only examiners who hold a valid telc examiner licence gained through a face-to-face qualification training are eligible to obtain this licence online
  • there is a time limit in the licensing module and it is not possible to pause the licensing process. Please make sure that you can complete the training course without any interruptions
  • the result of the final test will be shared immediately on the screen and by e-mail
  • if you should not pass the online training course, you will have to wait for six months before repeating the online course. However, you will be able to participate in an on-site training course at any time