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"Multilingual competence is a modern European goal."

Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth
Honorary President, German Association of Adult Education Centres


Languages Unite - Language Certificates Open Doors

Nowadays, multilingual competence is an educational goal both in Europe and beyond. Whether on holiday, at work or even when living in a foreign country, many people regularly use several languages.

telc certification helps in several ways. Obtaining a telc certificate encourages people to build up the communicative competence that they need in everyday life. Moreover, certification offers official proof of language competence. This proof of ability opens doors to education and to jobs and careers. A telc certificate becomes especially important when applying for residency or citizenship in foreign countries.

Since 2005, telc has developed and administered the final examinations for those completing German integration courses. This gives telc a key role in our social and political efforts towards integration. As President of the German Adult Education Association, I am proud of our local Adult Education Centres and their enthusiastic contribution to these efforts. Our non-profit subsidiary, telc, guarantees that the tests are carried out fairly and objectively.

telc opens up individual opportunities beyond the area of integration and actively contributes to the multilingual world of the future.