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Test evaluation and scoring

Members of the telc examination administration team have very diversified responsibilities. You’ve possibly already spoken to someone on the service hotline, yourself. Here, you receive assistance in registering examinations and in organisational matters related to telc examinations.

Many team members, however, also work behind the scenes. These include all those involved in scoring and the issuing of telc certificates.


After an examination has been held, the examination centre sends all of the candidates’ documents to the telc head office. Here, the documents are scored according to standardised rating procedures.

Quality assurance

The telc examination administration team plays an important role in maintaining quality standards. For example, if a candidate has erased an answer, the high-performance scanner registers unclear marking when electronically reading the answer sheet. Special software automatically signals the query, and a team member determines manually which answer should be processed.

Relaying the examination results

After the tests have been scored, the telc service team ensure that the certificates are printed out and sent to the examination centres. Candidates who did not pass the examination receive an evaluation sheet with their results for each subtest.