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telc Training

telc Training specialises in training language teachers and employees in educational institutions.


Participants explore specific topics in multi-day-courses. telc courses combine seminars with individually-completed practical tasks. A telc certificate serves as proof of professional competence.

Seminars and workshops

These courses focus on methodology/didactics, communication and rhetoric, as well as new media. The programme for Germany is published twice per year.

Focus: German for healthcare professionals

Due to the high demand for foreign healthcare professionals, the importance of specialist German language teaching for medicine and nursing is constantly on the rise. Therefore, our program places great emphasis on training teachers who work in this field. We offer a two-day training course as well as specialised advanced courses that highlight topics like teaching materials and pronunciation training.


We regularly offer free one-hour webinars on selected topics. Sign up today!

telc Community

Examiners or raters can access their telc licenses anytime within the telc Community. They also have the option of activating their profiles so that they can be contacted by telc examination centres for future assignments.