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telc examiner and rater training

Examiner and rater training

telc examinations are conducted and assessed with the help of examiners and raters. We train these professionals and they then receive the telc examiner or rater licence.

Examiner training

Examiners evaluate the oral performance of the test candidates. In accordance with our tests​, we organise examiner qualification courses in different languages for the proficiency levels A1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

Successful participants of the telc examiner training receive an examiner licence which is valid for three years.

Rater training

The telc rater training teaches participants to correctly apply the telc rating criteria for written performance. Again, the CEFR is the standard for the candidates’ performances. The training courses focus on the discussion and evaluation of written performance.

One of the requirements for participation is a valid examiner licence in the appropriate language. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a telc rater licence that is also valid for three years.

In-house training

telc examination centres have the opportunity to book examiner and rater training sessions as in-house events for a date of their choice.

Online training

The first examiner training always takes place within the framework of an on-site training course. Additional licences can be acquired online, and existing licences can be refreshed online, as well. The result of the online training will be shared immediately on-screen and by e-mail.

telc Community

telc examiners and raters can access their licences any time in the telc Community. They can also activate their profiles so that so they can be quickly found. Examiners can even proactively contact test centres through this site.