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Our target groups

The Right Examination for You

All telc examinations are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and contents are specifically tailored to the requirements of different groups of people.

telc Junior Tests are designed for pupils who are approximately 10 years old. These exams are especially suited for those transitioning from primary to secondary grades and offer a gentle, child-appropriate introduction to standardized assessment outside the school environment.

telc School Tests are designed for those pupils aged 12 years and older who want more than just their standard school grade sheets. Test topics are chosen for their relevance to teenagers’ lifestyles.

Our Student Tests can be used as proof of language competence for enrolment at institutes of higher education or as final examinations for college language classes. Our internationally recognised certificates provide valuable tools for students as well as academic institutions. Did you know? According to §8 of the RO-DT, the examination telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule is recognized as proof of language skills for admission at German universities.

telc General Language Tests are designed for adults who wish to document their language competence for personal or professional reasons. The spectrum of topics covers real-life situations taken from daily living, leisure and business.

telc Business Tests are designed for anyone wishing to document his or her language competence for the business world. These examinations cover professional topics, such as general business situations, healthcare, hospitality and technology.