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Oktober 2014

Enriching your English classes with telc English!

telc English Certificates: The Proof of Excellence!

Starting with their first English test in 1968, the non-profit telc gGmbH now offers a comprehensive English programme with over 20 examination formats. 2011 was especially important, marking a milestone for telc. This is when we reinvented English testing: Within 3 years, aside from exams for special target groups (pupils, professionals, children), seven new examination formats were developed alone for the area of dual-level examinations. telc is currently the only examination provider worldwide to offer ground-breaking dual-level language examinations, which reliably assess language competence in two levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The youngest learners as well as their teachers can benefit from telc English A1 Junior with its mascot, Telcino, guiding the children playfully through the examination. Used to measure language skills in the transition from primary to secondary school, it helps teachers create classes with homogenous English knowledge.

telc English B1 School, for example, one of the most popular telc school examinations, is aimed at older pupils approximately 15 years of age and comes with supplementary practice material for both pupils and teachers (e.g. Yes, I can!). telc English B2-C1 University, on the other hand, is ideal for pupils and teachers alike for preparing for the leaving certification.

Professionals can choose between dual-level and single level exams for general business English as well as English for Special Purpose for the hospitality industry and technical professions.

For every exam, a mock examination and often also Tips for Test Takers are available for free download. Learners can benefit from a variety of practice materials which can be found in the telc Web Shop, such as classroom activities, a phrase box or the booklet “From A to B”. Our newest addition to the programme, our English Practice Material, was specially designed for exam preparation in VHS language classes. Watch out for the detailed report on user’s first experiences with English Practice Material in the next newsletter!

For teachers, there are also plenty of opportunities to further their skills and knowledge in English teaching: telc Training offers methodical-didactical workshops as well as examiner training courses the dates of which can be found here.

Have a look at our website and discover how telc English! will enrich your English classes!