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September 2014

English Practice Material – VHS

"Emotions" for the VHS!

telc gGmbH, the VHS test experts, are proud to provide English practice material designed for VHS courses. This new learning material was conceived and developed in close cooperation with the VHS community. We are especially grateful for their valuable support and input.

With this material, we provide a variety of emotion-based units helping participants to acquire more language competence. Being able to express oneself, stating a personal opinion, maybe even agreeing to disagree – that’s central to communication. Our aim is to give a fresh perspective to learners at the CEFR levels B1 and B2: quite advanced already, but not yet fully confident in their language use. Learning better English plays a key role as it is very often essential for success at work and for crossing language barriers in private life.

The VHS or Volkshochschule stands for exactly that: providing everybody with a chance to get ahead, whatever their circumstances. It’s a democratic institution, open to all kinds of learners, offering them accessible courses and a chance to reach their goals. telc, as a proud member of the VHS family, provides state-of-the-art assessment. With telc certificates, success is made visible on the way from the classroom to the employer, to university or to wherever valid proof of language competence is required. telc – language tests, the VHS’s own certificate system, started to certify competence in English in the 1960s – a truly original step at the time.

Innovation today means that we offer more: not just a test, but also a way to reach language goals. We hope that these resources will provide an enjoyable learning experience, with perceivable and maybe even certified progress towards more confident use of the English language.

Here at telc, we will be very busy in the coming months. The introduction of this new learning resource will be in September. This is a four volume set, including Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. In October these four titles will be available together as one complete volume, bearing the title "English Practice Material - VHS". telc is proud to announce the launch of an interactive learning website to accompany the series in December.

If you have any questions please contact Sean McDonald.