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Colleges and universities

“Europe requires high-level university education in all languages.”
Leonard Orban, former Commissioner for Multilingualism, European Parliament

The European Language Certificates at your University

Universities are competing against each other at an increasingly international level. As a result, improving the attractiveness of courses for students from both home and abroad has gained importance in strategic decision-making. Accreditation agencies value the comparability of modules and exam results, and students recognise the importance of enhancing their eligibility in the job market. Internationally recognised certificates from telc prepare both students and universities for their respective futures.

telc certificates help universities in their decision-making

Universities appreciate the standardised format and methodology of telc examinations and their foundation in the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages (CEFR). When a university accepts a telc certificate as part of a student’s application, they can be sure that students with, for example, a telc C1 certificate really are at C1 level and that their language competence will enable them to study successfully. The certificate telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule is officially recognized and accepted by the members of the German Rectors' and Cultural Ministers’ Conference as proof of language skills for admission to German universities.

telc certificates add value to university language courses

Language courses offered at universities should provide students with internationally comparable proof of their language competence. For students, this is extremely valuable. For teaching staff, the workload is reduced because they do not have to design or mark final tests. We offer universities the option of partnering with a telc examination centre or becoming a licensed telc examination centre.

telc certificates serve as

  • proof of language competence for college or university applications
  • final exams for language courses that are course complimentary, e.g. ERASMUS
  • proof of foreign language competence for certain university subjects
  • an internationally recognised qualification for language courses taken at universities

telc examinations at a glance

  • ten languages at six levels
  • reliable testing methodology
  • standardised test formats
  • international acceptance
  • exam dates to fit your schedule
  • advantageous price structure

Options for conducting telc examinations

Offer telc examinations to your students without taking on the work yourself

telc makes organisation easy. Just contact a telc examination centre, such as the local adult education centre or a local language school. Specially-trained examiners will conduct the exam in the examination centre or at your university. Many adult education centres also offer exam preparation courses.

To find an examination centre in your area, please click here.

Become an examination centre

Would your university prefer to become an examination centre?

Please send a letter or email to Joanna Stankiewicz or Mareike Wantia (licensing of telc examination centres in Germany) or Felicitas Cremer (licensing of telc examination centres outside of Germany), briefly introducing your institution and stating the reasons why you are interested in a telc licence.

Please note that the licensing procedure takes about three months after reception of the application.