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Secondary schools

“The placement rate for school leavers has been greatly improved through the qualifications gained with the telc language certificates.”
Dr. Ernst Dieter Rossmann, MP, Chairman of the German Adult Education Association

Important advantages for schools

  • Schools workloads are reduced when a telc school examination is conducted through an adult education centre.
  • Schools can administer tests independently when they become a telc examination centre.
  • Through certification, the status of a second or third foreign language is raised.
  • A telc certificate provides documentation of language ability where no school mark is given (for example, in the case of an extra-curricular subject) and motivates pupils.
  • Parents appreciate the additional qualifications that are recognised internationally and that will improve their children’s future chances.

telc school examinations at a glance

  • Good value for money
  • Exam dates to fit your schedule
  • Information sessions at your school
  • International acceptance
  • Reliable testing methodology

Options for conducting telc school examinations

Offer telc examinations to your pupils without taking on the work yourself

telc makes organisation easy. Just contact a telc examination centre, such as the local adult education centre or a local language school. Specially-trained examiners will conduct the exam in the examination centre or at your school.  Many adult education centres also offer exam preparation courses.

To find an examination centre in your area, please click here.

Become an examination centre

Would your school prefer to become an examination centre?

Please send a letter or email to Joanna Stankiewicz (licensing of telc examination centres in Germany) or Karin Klich (licensing of telc examination centres outside of Germany), briefly introducing your institution and stating the reasons why you are interested in a telc licence.

Please note that the licensing procedure takes about three months after reception of the application.