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Language Institutes

“Within a few years, telc certificates have become established in twenty countries worldwide – with good reason.”
Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth, Honorary President, German Adult Education Association

Well positioned with established partners

The telc licence – added value for your institution

A telc certificate is an acknowledgement of excellence in language. Successful exam candidates profit from their achievements, but so does your institution: Success stories spread quickly.

As a licensed telc partner, you demonstrate that your institution meets high quality standards. A licence to administer telc examinations does not come automatically. Only selected institutions may offer courses preparing for the standardised telc examinations.

Important advantages

  • With a telc licence, you demonstrate that your institution is competent in preparing students for language examinations.
  • In telc workshops, you can provide your teachers with special examiner training.
  • The telc exams give you an effective instrument to maintain quality standards, with a minimum expenditure of resources.
  • The expectation of a certificate increases learner motivation.
  • Your status as licensed telc partner is documented by your use of the telc logo in conjunction with your own business branding.

telc examinations at a glance

  • Ten languages at six different levels
  • Exam formats geared to candidates’ specific requirements
  • Examinations on preferred dates
  • Advantageous price structure
  • Reliable, individual service
  • International acceptance
  • Reliable testing methodology

Offer telc examinations at your institution

Would you like to offer your learners telc certification of their language proficiency? Apply for the licensing of your institution as a telc examination centre.

Please send a letter or email to Joanna Stankiewicz (licensing of telc examination centres in Germany) or Karin Klich (licensing of telc examination centres outside of Germany), briefly introducing your institution and stating the reasons why you are interested in a telc licence.

Please note that the licensing procedure takes about three months after reception of the application.