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June 2015

Training on the new exam preparation material

vhs English Practice Material enthuses course leaders in Berlin

The first course leaders were trained in Berlin on Saturday after heads of the English departments from nine states had already participated in free training on the new exam preparation material for adult education centres. Sean McDonald, project manager of English at telc gGmbH stated, "This training was an asset to both institutions".

Once again, we could gain new knowledge that showed us how important it is to know the exact needs of adult education centres and to also realise these in special material. After all, with over 500,000 English learners a year, adult education centres are the largest language school in Germany. The course leaders in Berlin confirmed that the vhs English Practice Material is not only versatile, but it also responds to the challenges of all adult education centres to motivate learners and lead them to their desired result through a variety of teaching methods. Teachers are in agreement that it is immediately noticeable: this material has been made by adult education centres for adult education centres - modern, modular and versatile.

vhs English Practice Material has been available at A2-B1 and B1-B2 competency levels since May 2015 - and not only in print, but also on the telc Campus as supplementary Online Learning Activities.

Does this new success-oriented material also interest you? Vhs course leaders can still order their free sample with us until the end of 2015. If you are interested in a training course for course leaders or department heads, please get in touch with us.

All important information, including an explanatory video of telc’s new campus, can be found here: