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September 2014

Start learning one tweet at a time!

Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Learning a New Language

Twitter has transformed the realm of communications, so it’s no surprise that language learners can utilize the platform to help them reach their scholarly goals. Free, easy to use, and instantly accessible on the web and via a smartphone, Twitter is one of the most powerful (and fun) social media tools for connecting with language experts around the world.

Follow language companies and experts

It makes sense to follow the Twitter accounts of large language learning companies as they often share info and news related to the topic in an effort to remain relevant and useful. Here are three of the better ones:

@rosettastone - Rosetta Stone is the largest language software company in the world. With wonderful photos, cultural facts, and the occasional deal, the company’s Twitter feed is both pretty and useful.

@livemocha - Livemocha provides grammar lessons and tips in very digestible bites. They also feature articles about culture and the differences between them.

@pimsleur - Pimsleur tweets about fun cultural and historical facts, including obscure holidays and information on countries around the world.

Follow language learning-centric accounts

@aboutworldlangs - About World Language is a fantastic source for really obscure and detailed info and grammatical facts on multitudes of languages. If you’re truly curious about world languages, follow this account.

@LanguageJobs - Anyone obsessed with learning a new language has likely thought about finding a language-related job. Language Jobs features facts and tips on finding such positions around the world

@LanguageLog - Language Log is a linguistics and language group blog Twitter feed based in Philadelphia. Etymology and very unique English language facts are presented daily.

@LanguageMastery - Language Mastery is the Twitter feed of the author of Master Japanese and Master Mandarin. Cultural and language facts, primarily those of Asian languages, are posted daily.

Utilize hashtags for more benefits

Search for country-related hashtags on Twitter to find users in the country of your target language. Reach out to those with similar interests. After following them, you’ll begin to see periodic updates in your target language. It’s like having a pen pal that’s a lot easier to maintain because messages are only 140 characters or less, and are held on a platform you already use.

Do you have any tips for language learning on social media? Let us know on Facebook and be sure to like TELC English for more articles on language learning tips!