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January 2019

Language Learning Resolutions You Should Make This Year

Jumpstart your studies for 2019

It’s that time of the year again, the initial moments when we all declare our resolutions for the next 365 days. Many of us will opt to exercise more or write the next great novel, but a great many will choose to learn a new language.

It’s not enough to simply say you want to learn a new language. Language study is a discipline that requires patience and daily diligence. It can be dangerous to set too broad of goals; it’s far better to make smarter objectives. What are the appropriate resolutions to make for those hoping to learn a new language in 2019? We’ll lay some out for you in this article.

Resolve to study a little each day

Language learning must be approached on a daily basis. It’s preferable to study a little each day rather than in great chunks once a week. Resolve to study at least a little daily, whether you study for ten minutes or can manage to fit in an hour or more. Encourage yourself to sit down and turn study into a daily exercise until it’s as routine as your morning coffee.

Resolve to make a few friends

Learning a new language is more exciting when you make a few friends native in your target language. Resolve to find a few more friends who can help you achieve your linguistic goals, preferably ones who live in your city. The Internet is a great resource for meeting people, whether through activity groups, meet-up websites, or through social media. Local language schools are also good organisations through which you may make new connections and find out about relevant events.

Resolve to read more

Reading is a fundamental part of learning a new language, but for many students it can be a boring and tiresome experience. Resolve to read a book in your target language this year. Set your timeline based on your pace of reading. If you aren’t so good at reading in your target language, read fewer books in the year. The important thing is that you always have a book on hand from which to study.

Resolve to travel

The greatest teacher of foreign languages is travel to the home of your target language. Live like a local and soak in the native tongue while immersing yourself into the language itself. Learning languages moves exponentially faster when you’re living abroad. It’s while living internationally that you’re able to make the brutal and embarrassing mistakes that help you learn.

Resolve to have fun

Language learning needs to be a fun and enjoyable practice for it to be sustainable. Remind yourself that it’s a goal you want, and try to relish the process of learning. Learning a new language is an enlightening experience in which you blossom incrementally. Resolve to enjoy every minute of it.

What are some of your language learning resolutions for 2019? What do you hope to achieve linguistically this year? Let us know on the telc English Facebook Page and be sure to “like” telc English for more articles on language learning!