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August 2020

Information about Corona Virus/Covid-19

***UPDATE from 28.08.2020*** 

No changes to the goodwill regulations

Until 30.09.2020, we are continuing to offer our shortened online registration deadlines for telc examinations. During this transitional period, you can register up to 14 calendar days before the telc exam. 

Please note: This does not apply to the DTZ/Deutsch-Test for immigrants.

Two conditions still apply for the shortened registration period:

(1) the timely online registration for the exam and (2) the online transfer of the candidate data via the Excel template provided for this purpose.

All previous goodwill regulations are no longer valid as of 01.08.2020. 

Please note: The health of all those involved remains our top priority. Even as we slowly begin to live with the virus, we ask you:

Please continue to check with your responsible authority regarding the specific infection protection and hygiene measures you must comply with in order to conduct the examination. Keep in mind that the examination centre is responsible for the implementation of all applicable rules and measures.

If you have any questions, please contact the telc customer service staff at: service(at)