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September 2015

Happy Birthday EPM!

Celebrating the 1st anniversary of English Practice Material - vhs!

Did you know that telc’s signature series, English Practice Material – vhs, was celebrating its first birthday?

And what a year it’s been! A year full of emotions, joy, happiness and excitement. On September 4, Our English experts where exclusively invited to meet at the telc headquarters for networking, evaluation and strategic planning.

We discussed how the material has been used so far and what are the first impressions of EPM. The feedback was amazing! It seems that everybody appreciate that we developed English Practice Material especially for vhs courses. We also received valuable feedback on the material and where we should make small improvements. We are happy that now, one year after the launch of the EPM modules, and during this important evaluation time, we have again the vhs experts on board.

After a productive discussion, it was time for a small birthday celebration including a typical local dinner and a guided night walk through Frankfurt. We are excited about what the next year has in store for English Practice Material - vhs!