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April 2015

Final countdown: Charity bike tour to IATEFL conference in Manchester

Julian Sayarer and Thom Jones are just a few kilometres away from their final destination!

The IATEFL conference is just around corner! Our cyclists Julian Sayarer, former round-the-world cycling record-holder, and Thom Jones, consultant and supporter of English projects worldwide, are already on their way to Manchester.

In order to raise money for charity and to support IATEFL projects, they are covering the 1,120 km from Frankfurt to Manchester by bike. Julian and Thom don’t stay in fancy hotels, but are camping throughout most of their trip.

Read Thom’s travel diary:

“Day 1: Lovely day with the teal team... we have made it out of Frankfurt, only to have to go straight back in again as the baggage handlers had damaged my bike, then back out again. Had a fine Greek meal and found a good spot for the night.”

“Day 2. After a fine night kipped up under a schloss, onwards! Happy Easter. A long day, but a goodie, we've got to Cologne and headed straight to the Claudius Therme-the choice of kings!”

“Day 3: a lot of pedalling, a lot of me singing to myself, a very mixed bag of scenery and we crossed the Rhine. We also found ourselves on the set of Bladerunner but then back to good scenery. I continue to love German non-alcoholic beer, Julian Sayarer had a bad experience with cream and 'muesli'. It's chill and crisp and not raining much. Still ace.”

“Day 4: A long one, Duisburg to Hertogenbosch. We've stacked in pasta and pizza and are going to carry on, last sip of mint tea...”

“Day 5. Early start from luxurious night digs-found a glorious breakfast joint. On to Rotterdam.“

"Day 6. Rotterdam! Found Erasmus, and, rather more challenging, the ferry port!"

Follow our cyclists‘ adventure on facebook:

Help telc to help! Click here and donate to support IATEFL projects promoting English in less developed countries. With Julian's and Thom's bike ride telc is also raising funds for the Charlotte Miller Art Project, supporting disadvantaged children with creative projects.

Find out more about the IATEFL conference and telc’s workshops here.