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November 2017

10 Holiday Gifts for the Language Lover in Your Life

The perfect gifts for loved ones learning other languages

The holiday season is upon us, which means many of us will be thinking of the perfect gifts for loved ones. While some gifts are silly and some are extravagant, it’s always helpful to give something useful while not being boring. For those who love language learning, we can attest that any help we can get in achieving our language goals is much appreciated. Today we’ll look at some gifts that might be ideal for the language learners in your life.

App/Software Subscriptions

Language learning apps and software don’t always come cheaply. They are, at any rate, an expense most of us would be happy to do without. A great gift for any language learner is a subscription to an app or software. It’s akin to gifting school tuition, although it offers more flexibility on behalf of the student. Some apps, such as Rosetta Stone, cost much more, making them precious gifts as well. The holidays may also be a great time to purchase such items as numerous sales occur during this period.

Foreign Movies

Finding the right foreign movie is harder than most would think. First of all, it must be imported into your native country and playable on your country’s devices. Ideally, the film should be entertaining enough for the recipient to want to watch it on multiple occasions. If possible, find a copy of the film with subtitles in both your native language and the target language. If not, see if you can find a copy of the script online. Seeing the original text while listening to the original language helps a lot for learning a language from watching film.

Translated Books

Few gifts are more romantic than the simple and modest book. The real price comes in the time and energy required for finding the perfect story. If your loved one is a fan of a particular series, like Harry Potter, then find the translation of that text in their target language. Not only do you already know they like the story, reading it in another language will be an enjoyable exercise in language learning, while owning the copy is great for collectors.

Newspaper/Magazine Subscriptions

Did you know you can often get subscriptions of foreign newspapers and magazines abroad? Often the cost will be higher, however you can mitigate this cost by gifting online subscriptions. Newspapers are great because they offer a daily look into the stories that matter most in the country of the target language, however magazines may be better suited for those with more particular tastes.

Travel Guides

Travel guides are not only wonderful sources of information but also good sources of inspiration. Is your loved one planning a trip to the country of the language he or she is learning? Pick up a relevant travel guide as a gift. Learning more about the target language’s country is also a trip into the country’s culture, which is important to learn for those studying any language. Be sure to flip through the book to find a guide that offers plenty of insider tips, maps, and also pretty photos. The last thing you want to do is give a travel guide that’s less useful than browsing Google. Of course, choose a travel guide that’s appropriately sized for travelling.

A Plane Ticket

Feeling generous? Nothing says “I love you” like an airplane ticket to another country. The best way to learn a new language is through immersion, and the best way to immerse oneself is to visit the country of the target language. Besides, couldn’t you use a little vacation for yourself too?

What are your favorite language learning-related gifts to give or receive? Let us know on our Facebook Page, and be sure to “like” TELC English for more articles on language learning tips.

Picture: (c) Fotolia, S.H.exclusiv