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Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Statement

We are pleased that you have chosen to visit, the telc gGmbH website (further “telc”), and thank you for your interest in our organisation, our products and our web pages. The protection of your privacy while visiting our website is very important to us, and we assure you that your data will be handled and used according to the current standards and regulations regarding data protection. Here, we would like to inform you in detail about how your data is handled and used. During your visit, the following data and information is collected and recorded:

Webserver Journal:
 You can visit our website as often as you like without identifying yourself. As is true with nearly all websites, the server serving our website (called the webserver) automatically collects information about you when you visit us on the Internet. The webserver automatically registers certain person-related data, for example your IP address and the date and time of your visit, the pages you visit on our website as well as the website you visited prior to ours. Your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), your operating system (e.g. Windows XP) and the domain name and address of your Internet provider (e.g. AOL) are all registered. Should our website use cookies (see explanation below), the webserver also records this information. For statistical purposes, we evaluate this information periodically in anonymous form (so-called click stream analysis), so that we can determine how our website is being used. This information aids us in improving our website services and presence on the Internet. In addition, in the case of system misuse, we can use this information in cooperation with Internet providers and/or government agencies to determine the source of misuse. 

Collection, processing, use and transfer of personal data: we collect your data (with exception of our webserver protocol parameters), only when you have provided it personally, in order to use our services (e.g., when requesting material or information). This data will only be processed or used for the fulfilment of the services you have requested. 

International data transfer: data regarding your person which has been retained is processed within the European Union, respectively the European Economic Community (EU/EEC). In addition, data regarding browser functionality, IP addresses, hardware specific user data (monitor resolutions, language settings, browsers sourced, etc.) is saved for statistical purposes within the operational framework of Google Analytics in the USA. The reports thus generated are not accessible to the public (password protected). You’ll find further information regarding Google data protection here

Security: We hereby advise that the transfer of data through the Internet is not a secure procedure, and that the risk of capture and use of your personal data through unauthorised third parties is constantly present. As an alternative, you have the option of contacting us anytime via telephone or post. The transfer of data within the “online DTZ registration” procedure takes place through an SSL scrambler. 

Usage by minors: Children and juveniles under the age of 14 are not permitted to transfer personal data through the Internet without the consent of a parent or guardian.  Please note that our website is not directed to persons under age 18. We do not knowingly collect data of persons under this age. 

Links to other websites: This website includes links to foreign websites, for which the data protection declaration included here does not apply. We request that you visit these other websites directly to obtain applicable information regarding data protection, security, collection of data and the stipulations for data transfer. Telc cannot be held liable for the practices of foreign websites or for their content. 

Further information:  Should you have further questions regarding the topic “data protection and privacy”, please write to the following address:

telc gGmbH

Bleichstrasse 1
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Date of issue: 24 April 2017