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April 2015

IATEFL conference - 13th April

More on IATEFL in Manchester

After one year of preparation, excitement, happiness, and curiosity, this year's IATEFL is almost over. On Sunday we had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people at the Macmillan party. And how do you end a long night? Exactly - with a typical German hangover breakfast at our stand in the morning. Pickled herring and Bavarian beer were highly appreciated internationally!

But most importantly, during this year's IATEFL, we also had the opportunity to give five presentations and workshops: In the next few days you will find more information about all presentations and workshop topics on our special IATEFL page. You have an educational event and need a speaker? Please contact us!

And last but not least, below you'll find the latest pictures directly from Manchester. Enjoy!