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April 2016

Final countdown!

Charity bike tour to IATEFL conference in Birmingham

Thom Jones, Julian Sayarer and Gary Motteram are just a few kilometres away from their final destination: The IATEFL Conference is just around corner! And we are very close to our goal of £5,000!

We did it again! As many of you remember, telc – language tests, Europe’s premier international test provider, sent a resolute team to cycle the entire route from telc headquarters in Frankfurt to the IATEFL Conference in Manchester in 2015. Thomas Jones, consultant and supporter of English projects worldwide, and Julian Sayarer, former round-the-world cycling record-holder, took on the journey with aplomb, collecting an impressive sum of £3,485 for IATEFL projects.

This year, Thom and Julian’s adventure continues! Together with Gary Motteram from IATEFL, our intrepid team is covering the 258 km journey from Ty Newydd, the Welsh National Writing Centre, to the IATEFL annual conference in Birmingham in only 4 days. Starting from the heart of Wales, our team of cyclists is travelling to the most international, joyful meeting of languages – IATEFL. They are going to arrive in good time for the conference opening ceremony tomorrow.

Currently, our main focus at telc – language tests is the burning issue of migration and language. That is why also this year, we are collecting funds to support language projects. Consistent with this impetus, our cyclists are meeting with immigrants on their way to share their stories.

At the moment we are only £ 730 away from our goal – so help us to help others! All donations collected on go to the IATEFL Fund. Follow Thom’s, Julian’s and Gary’s quest on the telc website and on telc social media:!