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English Practice Material – vhs!

Exclusively for English classes at Volkshochschulen, vhs English Practice Material was designed by vhs experts and is published by telc gGmbH. This material can accompany any textbook that is used in English courses at the appropriate levels.

The target group is adult learners who are at CEFR competence levels A2 and B1 as well as B1 and B2. Each module – Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing – contains 20 short units. Each unit deals with a specific emotion or feeling, such as happiness, anger, disappointment, curiosity, fear, nostalgia or surprise, and looks at it from different aspects.

Each unit, as well as each module, stands on its own and can be used independently. In this way the teacher can tailor the units to the needs of the learners and combine them in a flexible manner. vhs English Practice Material is ideal for use in English courses that prepare learners for telc English examinations at levels A2, B1, and B2.

Four skills! For you!

Our vhs English Practice Material is a four volume set consisting of one module each for the four skills Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing at CEFR competence levels A2·B1 and B1·B2. Each unit, as well as each module, stands on its own and can be used independently. The structure of the units is always the same. A picture illustrates a communicative situation, triggering the emotion in question. A warm-up exercise leads on to further activities on other aspects of the theme. Finally there is a box with the CEFR descriptor (Can-Do Statement) on which the unit is based.

The primary goal of vhs English Practice Material is to get the students to talk and to stop worrying about making mistakes. For this reason there are numerous activities that promote oral communication throughout, not only in the module Speaking.

Audio CDs are provided for the modules Reading and Listening as well as Speaking. Students find it easier to understand information when presented in more than one way and appealing to more than one sense. Thus useful expressions are shown in many different everyday contexts, using multiple sensory channels.

You are looking for more information? The Teacher's Manual is available for free download. It contains background information, tips for using the material in lessons and ideas for additional activities. Furthermore, as from now you can book an inhouse training for teachers, providing practical tips for using the vhs English Practice Material. Click here for more information!

To supplement our paper-based vhs English Practice Material, we offer free Online Learning Activities. User-friendly and visually appealing, more than 2,000 interactive and engaging learning activities help you prepare for telc English examinations:

  • Short, intuitive self-study lessons – ideal for all learners and learner preferences
  • Flexible design allows learners to focus on their exact needs
  • Listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar topics explained through visuals
  • A variety of fun tasks and interactions keep learners motivated
  • Useful tips and feedback

Our Online Learning Activities are accessible on PC and mobile devices! Find out more:

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English Practice Material A2·B1

Speaking  Reading

Listening  Writing

All four modules

English Practice Material B1·B2

Speaking   Reading 

Listening   Writing

All four modules

Information Leaflets

Overview in English: English Practice Material – vhs B1·B2

Overview in German: English Practice Material – vhs B1·B2

You can order leaflets and brochures about telc – language tests here.

Download Teacher's Manuals

Teacher's Manual A2-B1:

Speaking A2-B1   Reading A2-B1

Listening A2-B1   Writing A2-B1

Teacher's Manual B1-B2:

Speaking B1-B2   Reading B1-B2

Listening B1-B2   Writing B1-B2

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