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telc – language tests

telc stands for The European Language Certificates. We offer language tests based on international standards: fair, transparent and reliable.

telc is an awarding organisation dedicated to high quality language skills assessment and certification, recognised among others by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), the independent authority that regulates qualifications, examinations, and assessments in the United Kingdom.

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Consistent with our European focus, we currently offer more than 100 different examinations in 10 languages. All telc examinations are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and contents are specifically tailored to the requirements of different groups of people.

We cooperate with a broad network of institutions. These include ministries and government offices, educational networks, publishers, other test providers and quality networks.

Many telc qualifications are regulated by Ofqual, the statutory regulatory authority for external qualifications in the United Kingdom. The list of Ofqual regulated exams include:

The European Language Certificates at your University

Universities are competing against each other at an increasingly international level. As a result, improving the attractiveness of courses for students from both home and abroad has gained importance in strategic decision-making. Accreditation agencies value the comparability of modules and exam results, and students recognise the importance of enhancing their eligibility in the job market. Internationally recognised certificates from telc prepare both students and universities for their respective futures.

telc certificates help universities in their decision-making

Universities appreciate the standardised format and methodology of telc examinations and their foundation in the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages (CEFR). When a university accepts a telc certificate as part of a student’s application, they can be sure that students with, for example, a telc C1 certificate really are at C1 level and that their language competence will enable them to study successfully. The certificate telc English B2·C1 University is officially recognized and accepted by (Ofqual), the independent authority that regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in the United Kingdom.

telc certificates add value to university language courses

Language courses offered at universities should provide students with internationally comparable proof of their language competence. For students, this is extremely valuable. For teaching staff, the workload is reduced because they do not have to design or mark final tests. We offer universities the option of partnering with a telc examination centre or becoming a licensed telc examination centre.

Recognise telc certificates and profit from our global network

We are a leading language test provider in Europe and are particularly well represented in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Spain with numeral telc examination centres across all major cities.
Accept telc certificates as a proof of language competence at your university and include telc certificates as accepted language qualifications on your web page. By recognizing our exams you can benefit from our global network of more than 2,500 examination centres and embrace diversity by attracting more international students.
Please send an email to Gordon Adami  (g.adami(at) if you are interested in cooperation and capitalizing on our global network.

Our benefits at a glance

  • telc tests are accreditated by Ofqual and therefore a valid tool for university admission
  • telc – language tests is a full member of the Association for Language Testers in Europe (ALTE)
  • telc Training is committed to the training and qualification of academic staff
  • Supporting scientific projects in the field of testing and multilingualism is one of telc’s fundamental objectives
  • We support suitable research projects with our expertise and provide appropriate data for research purposes
  • Flexible examination dates, short registration deadlines
  • Fast, reliable scoring of exams
  • Free mock exams and practice materials

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The telc licence – added value for your institution

A telc Certificate is an acknowledgement of excellence in language. Successful exam candidates profit from their achievements, but so does your institution: Success stories spread quickly.

Get a telc licence for your institution and be part of our worldwide partner network!

  • more than 2,500 telc licensed partners in over 20 countries
  • more than 100 telc trainers
  • more than 20,000 licensed examiners worldwide

Important advantages

  • With a telc licence, you demonstrate that your institution is competent in preparing students for language examinations.
  • In telc workshops, you can provide your teachers with special examiner training.
  • The telc exams give you an effective instrument to maintain quality standards, with a minimum expenditure of resources.
  • The expectation of a certificate increases learner motivation.
  • Your status as licensed telc partner is documented by your use of the telc logo in conjunction with your own business branding.

telc examinations at a glance

  • Ten languages at all CEFR levels
  • Examinations on flexible exam dates, starting from 1 participant
  • Exam formats geared to candidates’ specific requirements
  • Advantageous price structure
  • Individual service
  • International acceptance
  • Reliable testing methodology

Would you like to offer your learners telc certification of their language proficiency? Apply for the licensing of your institution as a telc examination centre!We are providing an exclusive offer, for language institutes located in England or Scotland, until June 2020!

In a first step, please send an email to Gordon Adami, briefly introducing your institution and stating the reasons why you are interested in a telc licence.

Collaborate with telc

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telc Campus

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Exam Preparation

You will find all of the telc support materials you need to fully prepare for your exam in the telc Shop:

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An overview of all our exams, including free download of mock exams, can be accessed via our website.

Useful hints for Exam Preparation

Even when you have reached the necessary CEFR level, you will want to know what exactly is expected from you in the exam. telc provides material in various forms to familiarise yourself with the exam format and to prepare specifically for the exam.

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Do you have questions?

Please send an email to Gordon Adami.

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