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telc Weiterbildungsprogramm 2017_1

39 WHO IS IT FOR? • Members of language departments in Volkshoch- schulen in Germany. • Experienced and less experienced English teachers who are looking for new material to motivate their students and help them improve their language skills by personally relating to the topics covered. WHEN AND WHERE   Please get in touch with us: We are happy to coordinate a workshop date with you! Please note that the minimum number of participants is 10.   This workshop is available until August 2017. OVERVIEW We will present methods and activities for use in your language courses from level A2 to B2. English Practice Material is a series of books covering all four skills. Each unit deals with a specific emotion or feeling, such as happiness, anger, disappointment, curiosity, fear, nostalgia or surprise, and looks at it from different aspects. We will demonstrate how the units can be incorporated flexib- ly as additional material or how they can form the basis of a course. Additionally, the trainer will point out exercises that can be used as additional exam preparation. TOPICS Choose your workshop focus from these possible topics: • Variety – using the units flexibly · · Getting to know the structure of the practice material · · Choosing the right unit for your specific needs · · Planning a course • Emotions – part of our daily lives · · Activating emotions to help remember language · · Encouraging students to talk about their experiences · · Preparing students to deal with all kinds of situations • CEFR · · Making students aware of their language targets · · Encouraging students to monitor their progress · · Defining the difference between the levels • Speaking – the key to communication · · Using the activities to get your students to speak · · Alternating individual/pair/small group work · · Incorporating speaking into the other skills • Fun Activities – encouraging communication · · Profiting from the online resources · · Using team games to motivate students · · Getting students to teach each other whilst having fun • Exam prep – activities based on communication · · Helping your students feel at ease in the oral exam · · Increasing students’ vocabulary · · Making students aware of the appropriate language TELC ENGLISH! ENGLISH PRACTICE MATERIAL – VHS WORKSHOP NUMBER 3207 TIME Time and date will be coordinated with you FEES Free of charge INHOUSE OFFER TRAINER Sean McDonald is Project Manager for telc – language tests. He comes from California and has degrees from the University of California and University of Washington. Alexandra Haas, Siegburg, is Head of Department at the Volks- hochschule Rhein-Sieg. She has been working as an examiner trainer for telc – language tests for the last 10 years. Myriam Fischer Callus, Aschaf- fenburg, is an active teacher trainer and is the Project Manager of the EUROLTA scheme in Bavaria. She is a member of the German work group that developed and implemented the language portfolio for adults.