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telc Weiterbildungsprogramm 2017_1

37 TELC ENGLISH! SELF-MARKETING FOR ENGLISH TEACHERS USE YOUR STRENGTHS FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE TRAINER Jenny Giambalvo Rode, Kassel, Education Manager. She studied Italian Studies and Business Communication in Berlin and Siena/Italy. She is Head of Depart­ ment at the Volks­ hoch­ schule Region Kassel. WORKSHOP NUMBER 3225 TIME 10:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. FEES 79,– € including workshop material, drinks and VAT. WHO IS IT FOR? • All teachers of English looking for ideas to push their teaching career with self-promotion. WHEN AND WHERE   11 March 2017 in Frankfurt/Main   28 April 2017 in Munich OVERVIEW In today's world self-marketing is highly important for profes- sional success. Obtaining examiner licenses and knowing how to use digital teaching materials are indispensable as- pects of a successful teaching career. Together with the right use of internet search functions, self-marketing can distin- guish you and your business. The purpose of self-marketing is to increase market value through the successful communication of a professional pro- file. This is best achieved by developing an individual ap- proach based on a thorough inventory of a teacher's individual strengths which can be emphasized and aligned to the needs of the target group. Anyone looking at self-market- ing as a professional strategy can succeed with clever plan- ning, effective communication, critical reflection and continuous monitoring. The focus of this workshop is on the needs of English teach- ers in their professional environment and it will pose impor- tant questions and provide specific solutions. Recog- nizing and actively using a teacher's key strengths is an es- sential aspect of self-marketing. When a self-marketing strategy is used long-term and con- sistently, teachers open themselves to positive future pros- pects and new work opportunities. TOPICS • Self-marketing • Professional profile • Digital teaching material • Examiner licenses