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telc Weiterbildungsprogramm 2017_1

36 TELC ENGLISH! WHO NEEDS A TEACHER WHEN WE HAVE GOOGLE?! 21ST CENTURY TEACHER-ROLE AND RELEVANCE WHO IS IT FOR? • Teachers of all languages who want to systematically widen their repertoire of methods and ideas. • For teachers of every range of experience who want to reflect on their teaching methods and give fresh momen- tum to their practice. WHEN AND WHERE   28–29 January 2017 in Munich TOPICS DAY 1: • Informed Eclecticism: how we can use the past to move into the future · · Examining and interrogating past approaches · · How to use some of the remarkable techniques we have lost in our scramble for the ‘ideal method’ • Teacher Creativity and Materials Exploitation: looking at accessible ways to increase teacher creativity · · New ways of thinking about materials and how to use them · · Simple techniques to help teachers harness their own creativity without spending too much time on it DAY 2: • Role and relevance · · Is their a place for us in the future? Should there be? · · Tech or unplugged? · · Materials, methodology and meaning · · Filter or font • Presentation, approach and results · · Concrete examples of tech lessons and uses that integrate the skills and opportunities needed for the modern language learner. · · Shaping our offering to create simple, easy to adapt, ways to make language learning relevant, reflexive and rapid. OVERVIEW This workshop series, given over 2 days, is designed for practising English language teachers. Each workshop aims to offer Continuing Professional Development informa­ tion which comprises a minimum of introductory theory followed by a practical, participatory session. Your trainer will explore with you interactive methodology and didactics which you can use to systematically develop your learners’ English. This workshop will be registered as “Bildungsurlaub”. WORKSHOP NUMBER 3219 TIME Day 1: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Day 2:   9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. FEES 265,− € including workshop material, drinks and VAT. TRAINER Thomas Jones has lived in more than 10 countries and delivered training in over 65. He is principal of an international college in the summer, teaches at universities and schools around the world and is invited to speak regularly at global conferences year round. He runs his own training company and is a consultant for telc. He is rubbish at maths, but his mother thinks he is great.