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telc Inhouse Training

83 Who is it for? • Members of language departments in Volkshochschulen in Germany. • English teachers who are looking for new material to mo- tivate their students and help them improve their language skills by personally relating to the topics covered. • Emotions – part of our daily lives • CEFR – each unit is based on a specific CEFR descriptor • Speaking – the key to communication • Progress – moving from one level to the next • Fun Activities – encouraging communication • Exam preparation – activities based on communication Overview Topics Trainer This workshop will look at some new teaching material based on the emotions we all know from everyday life. The English Practice Material has been developed by telc – language tests for A2 to B2 students. We will try out some of the material, take a brief look at the teachers´ resources and the online module and discuss how we can enhance our students‘ language skills. English Practice Material – VHS Suzanne Vetter-M’Caw lives near Frankfurt. After working for an inter- national company for many years she became a freelance English trainer and consultant in 2004 and specia- lises in Business English. She has been working as a telc test author since 2008. ENGLISCH/SPANISCH