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telc Inhouse Training

80 INHOUSE ENGLISCH/SPANISCH Who is it for? • Non-native teachers of English working at various levels from A1 to B2: • Experienced English teachers who want to reflect on their teaching methods and give fresh momentum to their practice. • Those new to the profession wishing to develop their understanding of the practicalities of teaching. • Using a diverse selection of media and teaching materials • Effective classroom organisation and lesson design • Strategies to encourage communication in English • The benefits of Non-native teachers • Using German in class – what’s appropriate? • The role of culture in English language learning • Arguments for your employer Viola Stübner, Bobstadt-Bürstadt, works as a freelance trainer for Eng- lish. She teaches Business English in companies and in programmes for mutual development. She has many years‘ experience as an examiner and also conducts training courses for telc examiners. Overview Topics Trainer This Best Practice workshop, moderated by an experi- enced teaching professional, presents new methods to introduce to your classroom and gives you the chance to discuss experiences and exchange tips with a group of peers. Together you will reflect on the advantages you bring to the profession as a non-native English speaker and how you can capitalize on these advan- tages. Best Practice: Your English classroom