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telc Inhouse Training

77 Who is it for? • Non-native teachers of English who want to acquire a basic knowledge of phonetics for use in their courses with mostly German speaking adult learners. • Pronunciation in foreign language classes • Principles of teaching pronunciation in EFL classes • The elements of pronunciation • Discovering English phonemes • Connected speech, word stress, intonation • Pronunciation activities and exercises • Typical pronunciation mistakes of German natives when speaking English Fiona Hynes, Leipzig, was born in Ireland. She teaches didactics at the English Department of the University of Leipzig. She gives English tuition at various Institutes of Further Edu- cation and is involved in in-service training for teachers. Overview Topics Trainer You will learn how you can assist your learners to acquire a good English pronunciation. Your trainer will show you the places of articulation in the vocal tract (mouth and larynx) and how you can systema- tically train the production of English sounds with your learners. You will discover a variety of exercises and find out how to integrate phonetics into your teaching. Sounds good! Pronunciation in EFL classes ENGLISCH/SPANISCH