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telc examiner and rater licences

Thank you for your interest in participating in a telc training course and being part of the international telc examiner network. Please note the following minimum requirements for the telc examiner and rater training before you register for a training course:

  • teaching experience at the relevant CEFR levels in the target language (at least 450 lessons)
  • language skills at min. level C1 in the respective language
  • knowledge of the telc examination formats
  • knowledge of the telc examination regulations
  • familiarity with the CEFR and the communicative approach
  • If you register for a telc examiner training for the first time or if your licence is expired longer than 6 months, you need to take part in our free online introductory course. The course can be taken in German or English.

More information about the preparation for telc training courses can be found here.

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