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telc Deutsch B1·B2 Beruf, Tips for Test Takers

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In the Tips for Test Takers telc Deutsch B1·B2 Beruf, you will find detailed information about all the subtest types found in the exam. In addition, there are examples of written work from candidates and comments on how these are rated.

Free download

You can find details of the exam in the mock examination telc Deutsch B1·B2 Beruf.

This is a complete test (with answer key) that you can try out at home or in your lessons. You can also read about the exam procedure and learn how the written test and oral performance are rated. You can download the mock examination and the corresponding MP3 file here, free of charge.

The printed version and the audio CD are available in the telc online shop

Article Mock Examination
Number of pages 32 pages
Edition/Year 1/2017
Format booklet (A4)
ISBN 978-3-86375-367-2
Order number 5066-T00-010101
Delivery time 3-5 working days