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Training modules telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin. Coursebook

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The telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin training modules are the perfect classroom resource for providing international doctors with real-world language practice. The coursebook also helps prepare learners for the examinations telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung, telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin and telc Deutsch B2 Medizin Zugangsprüfung. The accompanying MP3-CD contains the recordings needed to complete the tasks found in the booklet.

The telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin training modules are an essential resource for international doctors wishing to improve their professional language skills. Using these materials, doctors learn how to communicate effectively with patients, family members, nursing staff and other doctors. 

Thanks to our cooperation with leading specialists in the fields of medicine and nursing, these training modules offer a large corpus of authentic language input, examples, practice exercises and tips based on daily, real-life situations found in clinics and hospitals. The course design follows the guidelines found in the “Concept for vocational language preparation at the CERF C1 level for the recognition of professional qualifications for academic healthcare professions” in accordance to § 45a of the German Residence Act of the Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

The booklet consists of 24 units and includes an additional unit covering the topic culturally sensitive medical professionalism. The accompanying MP3-CD contains 45 audio files, which are also available as a download on the telc website free-of-charge.

The booklet’s modularized structure allows each unit to be used independently and in any preferred order. Each training unit covers a single topic and first focuses on practicing fundamental concepts such as taking patient cases, presenting patient cases, counseling patients and keeping medical documentation, before revising the material through a variety of related but different scenarios.

The training modules prepare doctors for the examinations telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin Fachsprachprüfung, telc Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin and the telc Deutsch B2 Medizin Zugangsprüfung in the best possible way. Additional materials as well as information about telc Online Training and Coaching Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin can be found under:



Article Mock Examination
Number of pages 56 pages
Edition/Year 2/2014
Format booklet (A4)
ISBN 978-3-86375-368-9
Order number 4010-TME-2001A
Delivery time 3-5 working days