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telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege, Curriculum and Handbook

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The Examination Handbook strives to promote understanding of all aspects of the test format as well as the content and types of tasks that can be expected to appear on the real exam. The Handbook also supplies a suggested framework curriculum for help in structuring course content into an appropriate language training programme.

The Examination Handbook and the suggested framework curriculum explain and give examples of the learning outcomes that are important for being able to communicate effectively on the job (CEFR levels B1 and B2). The descriptors have been adapted to fit the context of the professional domain, yet still coincide with the CEFR. To facilitate lesson planning, the framework curriculum provides advice on how to structure the course content into an appropriate language training programme. The test specifications provide detailed information on the format of the examination. Included in the set is a vocabulary list with examples of how the terms are used in context.

Article Handbook
Number of pages 170 pages
Edition/Year 4/2014
Format booklet (A4)
Order number 5036-B01-010201
Delivery time 3-5 working days